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Quarterly Update #1: December 2016

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Make sure your stock options don't look like this. Photo credit: Ryan Carter

I haven’t considered writing about my life in general. I missed the LiveJournal and Xanga trains and long form writing isn’t a habit. I’ve noticed this quarter, however, that a few people I follow, such as Kevin Burke and Esten Hurtle, do. So this is my first attempt.

Believe it or not, I’m now in my fourth year at Cloudflare! I’ve spent most of this quarter working on the backend pipeline for ordering SSL certificates, currently being used by Cloudflare’s Dedicated Certificates feature. I’m currently assisting other teams by working on data processing and aggregation.

I had been avoiding JavaScript conferences for a few years now, but in September I traveled to IcelandJS in, you guessed it, Iceland. Unfortunately, there was no aurora borealis during my visit, but I still met and made some good friends. So far I’ve submitted talks to two JavaScript conferences, JSConfEU in Berlin and nz.js(con); in Wellington, in 2017.

During the return from Iceland, I had a “layover” in Estonia. Yes, I purposefully flew the wrong direction. I was only in the country for twenty hours, but I still had a great time sightseeing. I definitely want to check out more of Estonia in future visits to Europe.

I’ve moved to Hayes Valley from South of Market, and have started to explore the new neighborhood. I plan on bicycling to work, but I need to do some tune up of my bike first. In the meantime, I’m riding the N-Judah into the office.

Christmas travel has me visiting Texas for a few days. For the rest of the time, if you’re in San Francisco, I’d love to catch up for coffee or drinks. Get in touch!

Best, Terin.


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