Terin Stock

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is super simple: I don’t store information about you, or your visits to this website. Webserver access logs are disabled, so I don’t even store your IP address.

However, this blog isn’t the most private place online. Some pages embed content from other websites, and your visits may be shared with the following entities:

  • Cloudflare, the content distribution network in front of this blog. They also send you a pesky “__cfduid” cookie.
  • SoundCloud, on pages that embed audio clips from SoundCloud.
  • SpeakerDeck, on pages that embed slides from SpeakerDeck.
  • YouTube, on pages that embed videos from YouTube. These videos are embedded via YouTube’s “youtube-nocookie.com” domain, which shouldn’t serve you any cookies.

I respect your right to be forgotten, and have saved you the trouble of contacting me to delete your information. You can still contact me if you want, and I’ll be glad to inform you I’ve deleted everything.